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TBGI Working Paper 11

Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Conceptualization and Framework for Analysis

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Burkard Eberlein, Kenneth W. Abbott, Julia Black, Errol Meidinger, and Stepan Wood

September 2012


This article demonstrates the value of studying interactions in transnational business governance (TBG) and proposes an analytical framework for that purpose. The number of TBG schemes involving non-state authority to govern business conduct across borders has vastly expanded in a wide range of issue areas. As TBG initiatives proliferate, they increasingly interact with one another, and with state-based and other normative regimes. The key challenge is to understand the implications of TBG interactions for regulatory capacity and performance – the most fruitful initial focus – and ultimately for the impacts of regulation on social and environmental problems. To gain purchase on these complex issues, the article develops an original framework that disaggregates the regulatory process, focusing on the points at which interactions may occur and suggesting, for each point, a series of analytical questions that probe the key features of TBG interactions.


Global business, interactions, non-state, regulatory process, transnational governance