Rolling out new TBGI Project working papers

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The summer of 2018 was busy for the TBGI project. Stepan Wood, Errol Meidinger, Burkard Eberlein, Rebecca Schmidt and Ken Abbott were hard at work finalizing an edited collection of papers exploring the question of how, when and by whom transnational governance interactions can be harnessed to enhance the quality of regulation and advance the interests of marginalized actors. The papers emerge from a workshop at York University in 2016. The collection will be published soon as a book by Edward Elgar publishing. In the meantime, we are issuing the draft chapters as working papers in the TBGI Project Working Paper Series on a rolling basis as they are completed, to give the work early exposure.

Photo of the editors at Arizona State University, 2017

The editorial team of Rebecca Schmidt, Stepan Wood, Burkard Eberlein, Ken Abbott & Errol Meidinger at Arizona State University, 2017

So far eight draft chapters are available:

Rebecca Schmidt, “Local Practices, Transnational Solutions? The Role of Host Cities in the Cyclic Process of Environmental Regulation of Sports Mega-Events” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 24,

Graeme Auld and Stefan Renckens, “Micro-Level Interactions in the Compliance Processes of Transnational Private Governance” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 25 (June 2018), available at

Errol Meidinger, “Governance Interactions in Sustainable Supply Chain Management” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 26 (June 2018); published as Buffalo Legal Studies Research Paper Series No. 2017-024, available at

Phillip Paiement, “Transnational Delegation, Accountability and the Administrative Governance of Biofuel Standards” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 29 (June 2018), available at

Simin Gao and Christopher Chen, “Transnational Business Governance Interactions and Financial Regulation Change : A Case of Asian Financial Markets” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 30 (June 2018), available at

Paul Foley, “A Coxian Perspective on Transnational Business Governance Interactions : Counter-Hegemonic Certification Movements in Fisheries” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 31 (June 2018), available at

Paul Verbruggen and Tetty Havinga, “Transnational Business Governance Interactions in Food Safety Regulation : Exploring the Promises and Risks of Enrolment” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 32 (June 2018), available at

Matthew Bach, “Capturing climate: Tracking nascent transnational business governance interactions around the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative” TBGI Project Working Paper No. 33 (August 2018),

Stay tuned for more working papers and for the Edward Elgar book!