ECPR Regulatory Governance Panel 2018


Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Enhancing Regulatory Capacity, Ratcheting up Standards and Empowering Marginalized Actors

ECPR Reg Gov Panel 2018 | ECPR Regulatory Governance Standing Group Conference, Lausanne| July 4, 2018

This panel session presented drafts of chapters to be included in the forthcoming edited book, Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Empowering Marginalized Actors and Enhancing Regulatory Quality (edited by Stepan Wood and others; published by Edward Elgar). The panel presented new empirical research, theoretical reflection, and practical insight into the question: Can competition, coordination, conflict and other interactions in transnational regulatory governance be harnessed to enhance regulatory quality and empower structurally weaker actors?Building on the common TBGI analytical framework (Eberlein et al. 2014), the papers formed part of a forthcoming book that investigates mechanisms, pathways and strategies by which actors can leverage TBGIs to enhance regulatory capacities, ratchet up standards and advance the interests of equity-seeking marginalized groups. The panel also explored the structural conditions that influence such strategic action. The papers are available in the TBGI Project Working Paper Series.

The panel was one of six panels on Transnational Private Regulation at the 7th conference of the European Consortium for Political Research’s Standing Group on Regulatory Governance. This biennial conference is the leading interdisciplinary conference on regulation and regulatory
governance held in Europe, attracting researchers from all over the globe working in a wide range
of disciplines.

Stepan Wood, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia

Chair and Discussant:
Nicole Helmerich, University of Lausanne


  • Rebecca Schmidt, University College Dublin, “Local Practices – Transnational Solutions? The Role of Host-Cities in the Cyclic Process of Environmental Regulation in the Context of Sports”
  • Oliver Westerwinter, University of St. Gallen, “The Evolution of Transnational Governance Overlaps: A Network Approach”
  • Stepan Wood, Allard School of Law, UBC, “Harnessing Transnational Governance Interactions to Enhance Regulatory Quality and Empower Weaker Actors: Implications for Theory and Practice”
Sheep graze behind Stepan Wood at the University of Lausanne

Sheep graze behind Stepan Wood at the University of Lausanne