Renowned Regulation scholar Julia Black speaks on TBGIs at Osgoode



On November 21, 2012 Professor Julia Black of the London School of Economics and Political Science gave a public lecture at York University in Toronto on TBGIs, exploring the various forms that such interactions may take, from mimicry and cooperation to competition and conflict.

Professor Black’s lecture was entitled Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Analyzing Competition, Coordination and Conflict in Transnational Business Regulation

Poster for Julia Black lecture, York University, November 21, 2012

The talk engaged two central questions: (1) What are the forms and drivers of TBGI, and (2) What are their implications for regulatory capacity, regulatory performance and the impacts of regulation on social and environmental problems?

To frame the discussion, Professor Black introduced the TBGI analytical framework, which was used to disaggregate the regulatory process and focus on the points at which interactions may occur. She also suggested, for each point, a series of analytical questions that probe the key features of TBGI. The framework was co-created with the TBGI Steering Committee. Following Professor Black’s talk professors Burkard Eberlein (of the Schulich School of Business), Errol Meidinger (of State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law) and Stepan Wood (of Osgoode Hall Law School) engaged in a facilitated discussion and commentary of the analytic framework.